It’s a Scary Time Right Now…

Right now we have to put some parts of our life on hold for the safety of our community and there are a lot of unknowns. When this is over we’ll all have to work together to bring everything back to normal. We expect it will be a very busy time.

It can take 10-12 weeks from the first design meeting to day 1 of construction so If you’re thinking about a project for late summer or fall now is still a good time to start planning and we will be conducting our planning meetings and conferences via over an internet connection.

We Are Currently NOT Taking On New Projects For The Spring  of 2020. But If You Are Interested In Being Advised If An Opening In Our Schedule Pops Up Or Your Project Planning Is More Long Term In Nature (construction starting in the Summer of 2020 or later) Email Us And We’ll Stay In Touch.



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