Timber Frames

Honor the Structure by Displaying It as Artwork for All to See

Timber Frames Honor the Structure by Displaying It as Artwork for All to See

tframe-1aTimberframing is perhaps one of the most satisfying and rewarding carpentry disciplines to a tradesperson and one of the most beautiful and dramatic construction methods in the eyes of homeowners too.

In fact in his seminal book on the subject Building the Timber Frame House Tedd Benson quotes J. Frederick Kelly writing: –“The massive framing of our early houses is thing to delight anyone possessed of the smallest amount of architectural sense. A feeling of boundless strength, of security and steadfastness,tframe-1b as well as a notable kind of dignity, is inseparable from the ponderous timbers which go to make up these mighty frames.“—

Yes, timber framing can inspire the poetic spirit in both builders and owners alike.

If you’re thinking of a timber frame home or addition we can work with you as project managers assisting you in either finding the right frame producer fo your project or even cutting and fabricating the components your project needs ourselves given the experience some of our key personnel have had with cutting timber frames themselves. We can plan, organize, budget, and contract your project from foundation to the last pint of paint used to finish your home.

We’ll put together the team of artisans and craftspeople and supervise and coordinate their actions so everything can come together in a satisfying and exhilarating experience for your and your family

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