If you like to listen to podcasts I have a recommendation for you (and if you don’t listen to podcasts let me suggest that you might want to take up the habit because its a great way to expand your professional knowledge while driving around to project venues or to even listen to on the job in place of music on the radio.)

Based a FaceBook recommendation from an online colleague of mine Michael Maines of  Michael Maines Residential Design I was turned onto a good one, the Fine Homebuilding Podcast obviously from the editors of Fine Homebuilding Magazine.

My colleague Mike wrote:

After the first couple of episodes the guys–Justin Fink and Rob Yagid, who I have known forever at this point and have done many projects with, and Brian Pontolilo, currently the design editor, chat about various topics in in construction, including what they’re doing on their own homes. For bonus points, listen for my name being mentioned in episodes 3 and 4. Keep up the good work, guys!

I do hope they keep it up. Over the years I listened to and enjoyed a number of  them starting with a great one years ago from Harrell Remodeling that I was glad I saved copies of when they discontinued it. Yes, keep up the good work guys, please!

Fine Homebuilding Podcast

In this episode, FHB editors Justin Fink, Rob Yagid, and Brian Pontolilo talk about porch paint options, a pergola installation at Brian’s house, and ways to fix a drywall gap….

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