There is a great article in this month FineHomeBuilding Magazine Self-Taught MBA column called Turbocharging Your To-do List but there is a section of the article that says: “There Oughta Be An App”. Well there is an app. Years ago I developed my own To Do List app in FileMaker Pro and years ago integrated that app into my Daily Job Reports app too and it now takes advantage of all the modern tools the iOS platform (iPhone & iPad) offer you in that you can attach documents and/or photos to the To Do List items and use your voice to enter data into To Do List. And even if the methodology I’ve used to build and organize my 360Difference To Do List or Daily Job Reports isn’t exactly what you want because I built program using FileMaker Pro it is easy for me to modify and customize it for any users specific preferences or requirements.

Self-Taught MBA: Turbocharging Your To-do List

Early in my career, I had a Day-Timer -a compact calendar booklet with appointments on the left-hand page and my daily to-do list on the right. This worked well and kept me organized, and in some ways I miss it.

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