It used to be that I was very skeptical of pre-fab homes and holding my nose up in the air and even looked down on them until while we working on this project back in 2000 a bunch of trucks hauling prefabed floors and walls pulled up next to us in a lot next door and I saw a new home go up that really really blow my mind and completely changed the viewpoint forever.

So for a future project I am just starting to look at and think about up here in the Farmington River Valley — Avon CT area I have been thinking of using as much prefab as we can to reduce the time line for the framing on site.

Then I saw this video about Pre-Cut Framing Packages from Ready-Frame | Build With BMC.

While BMC doesn’t have anything closer to me than Paradise PA some 260 miles away I’ll still have to look into this type of thing further.

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