Oregon Rd. Bedford Corners NY Tennis Cabana

Oregon Rd. Bedford Corners NY Tennis Cabana

As we move through the process of remodeling our web site we’ve just added our first gallery of photos from a Tennis Court Cabana project we did in August of 2006 in the Bedford Corners area of Mt. Kisco NY.

Slide Show:Tennis Court Cabana

The slide show starts with the excavation and setting of the tubes for the concrete piers and then continues with the erection of the walls and basic structure. And then contues on with the exterior finish carpentry and then shows a few photos of the framing as seen from the interior before the erection of the partition wall and paneling of the ceiling. The next group of photos then shows the cedar paneling applied to the partition wall and ceiling as well as the installed base cabintry. And the slide show ends with photos of the painted and roofed cabana and a few shots of the scenic surrounds.

We haven’t added any captions yet to help tell the story but we will soon.

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