As we move through the process of remodeling our web site we’ve just added another gallery of photos from a Mahogany RailingInterior Railing/Balustrade Remodeling project we did back in the Winter/Spring or 2002 in the Zacheus Mead Lane area of Greenwich CT.

Slide Show:Interior Balustrade Remodeling of Iron, Brass, and Mahogany (on our site)

The slide show starts with the before photos of the railing which the client had and described as “too cottagagy” for the remodeled look they we’re taking with the whole house and then moves on to chronicle the processes we took in the shop to fabricate a new rail to replace it, and then the installation , and photos of the final product.

We haven’t added any captions yet to help tell the story but we will soon.

We also have a lot more Galleries still to come so check back again soon for more.

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