I do really enjoy Matt Risinger’s YouTube video channel and while I feel I came late to the party with Induction Cooktops a lot  like Matt I think they are “the greatest invention since sliced bread” and are really the way to go nowadays.

On the negative side…You need the right cookware. You’ll need “magnetic” cookware or more precisely cookware that is induction capable. Your cookware needs to be made of a magnetic material. Aluminum or copper or glass or pyrex cookware just wont react and work. And if you do have older cookware that is  “magnetic” it also needs to be absolutely perfectly flat or it won’t work with an induction stove top.

The Pros and Cons of Induction Cooking

With its energy efficiency, kitchen geek appeal and growing reputation for power and precision, induction cooking may be the iPad of the kitchen. Like Apple’s latest invention, induction technology could forever change everyday tasks, or it might never deliver on its promise.

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