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Hewlett Harbor Interior Koi Pond

Hewlett Harbor Interior Koi Pond

We take pride in the fact that we’re solutions oriented, inventive and we love to take on unique artistic challenges. We’re always interested in your dreams and ideas especially if they’re unique and whimsically inspired.

Hewlett Harbor Koi Pond Addition

Hewlett Harbor Koi Pond Addition

Maybe your thinking you want a garage addition with an interior Koi pond garden and aquarium display room on the second floor. A project like that presents both engineering and artistic chalenges .

Or maybe you’d like a bath & shower enclosure in a shape of of two giant cupped hands. This requires artistry to build a complex structural form that also has to be engineered to be waterproof and finding another artisan capable of custom fabricating tile to fit and cover that form.


180° Spiral Oak Railing Wreath Turn

Or maybe your project requires a serpentine stair railing wreath that wraps around a newel post like a vine.

Our background in the theatrical arts and exhibit work means were not afraid to take on anything out of the ordinary.

Or maybe you want all your period molding details hand planned to match the woodwork in the rest of you historic house so there aren’t any cutter marks.

160_CTTimberFrameMaybe your dream is a timber frame home or addition. We’re prepared to bring your project the special skill and attention it needs. The list of great ideas goes on and on….

• Professional Project Management & Detailed Scheduling

fasttrack-schedule-kitchen-renovationRemodeling is notorious for unforeseen conditions that delay projects (and clients ask for changes too!). To keep all of these delaying problems at an absolute minimum we begin at the planning & design stage. We develop a schedule that plots lead times for materials and we use our decades of experience to help identify any of the site conditions and construction problems that could potentially cause a delay (i.e., asbestos, lead paint, wood rot, etc.) And, we keep you up to date on your projects schedule by providing you with calendars showing how we plan to approach the job so you always know where you stand. (More on Scheduling…)

A Realistic Data Based Price with Excellent Craftsmanship

If you are very good at what you do and do it with pricing based on real data, no guessing and “winging it”, you can grow and be around for a long time in the building & remodeling business. If you fail at any of these points, you don’t grow and eventually go broke, leaving behind a legacy of problems, disappointments, uncompleted projects and angry customers. Steady healthy growth is the goal of our company so that means providing our customers with a steady stream of unique historical data based remodeling solutions.

• Top Quality Planning & Design Management

Whether your project is a special piece of furniture or a custom home or a major remodeling project we draw upon our varied design experience and skill as builders to deliver high quality design-oriented work on time and within our client’s budgets. To us, that means assembling the right design team for your project and coupling the design process with accurate estimating and the new product developments that will bring your project in within budget.

• Computer Aided Design Visualization and Project Control

Today’s computer technology can help speed the design and estimating process and help you better visualize ahead of time what your completed project will end up looking like.

• Quality Workmanship Backed By A Written 3-5 Year Warranty Program

We don’t take any shortcuts in the building process because you expect the work we do to be around long after we’re gone. So we back our work with a Written Three Year Warranty. And, even though the work is done we come back to inspect it sixty days, one year and two years after it’s completed as part of our Quality Assurance Program.

• Talented Artisans Using Today’s Technology to Achieve Timeless Craftsmanship

From Computer-Aided-Design, computerized estimating and job control to the latest tools, building techniques and products we’re working hard to make sure our craftspeople have all the equipment, training and continuing education to provide you with a clean, “green”, safe, quality project you can be proud of.

• Locally Owned and Operated

The company founder was raised from the age of one and educated in Westchecter County (K thru SUNY College at Purchase) and now resides in Avon CT in the Farmington River Valley area. See our Project Venue Map to see where we have projects.

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