Paradigm Building & Remodeling Values

  • To provide our clients with solutions that are leading examples of projects effectively integrating quality, artistic design, cost, and customer satisfaction through the application of people, communication, technology and business systems and to create opportunities for our stakeholders to develop and grow their own skills through the transfer of knowledge, technology, and experience throughout the network of the Paradigm team.
  • We are committed to the continual improvement of the community that exists within our network and the community we serve surrounding us by adhering to the following core values:

Commitment to Customer Enthusiasm

  • We will continually strive to exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers for products and services that are leaders in quality, design, cost, and customer satisfaction. Our customers know that we really care about them.

Commitment to Excel

  • We choose to excel in every aspect of our business from trade artisanship to return on investment. There is no place for mediocrity and halfhearted efforts within our team and our stakeholders accept responsibility, accountability and authority for overcoming obstacles and reaching beyond the best.


  • Believing that our strength is in our diversity we are dedicated to singleness of purpose through the effective involvement of members, suppliers, dealers, neighbors and all other stakeholders. A fundamental tenet of our philosophy is the belief that effective teams engage the talents of individual members while encouraging team growth.

Trust and Respect for the Individual

  • We have nothing of greater value than our people. We believe that demonstrating respect for the uniqueness of every individual builds a team of confident, creative members possessing a high degree of initiative, self-respect, and self-discipline.

Continuous Improvement

  • We know that sustained success depends on our ability to continually improve the quality, cost, and timeliness of our products and services. We are providing opportunity for personal, professional, and organizational growth and innovation for all Paradigm stakeholders.


  • Paradigm believes that meeting the needs of Customers, Paradigm members, Suppliers, Dealers and Neighbors is fundamental to fulfilling our Mission.

To meet our customers needs:

  • Our products and services must be leaders in value and satisfaction
  • To meet our members needs:
  • We will create a sense of belonging in an environment of mutual trust, respect and dignity
  • We believe that all people want to be involved in decisions that effect them, care about their jobs and each other, take pride in themselves and in their contributions and want to share in the success of their effort.
  • We will develop the tools, training and education for each member, recognizing individual skills and knowledge.
  • We believe that creative, motivated, responsible team members who understand that change is critical to the success are Paradigm’s most important asset.

To meet our suppliers and dealers needs:

  • We will strive to create real partnerships with them.
  • We will be open and fair in our dealings, reflecting trust, respect and their importance to Paradigm
  • We want dealers and suppliers to feel ownership in Paradigm’s mission and philosophy as their own.

To meet the needs of our neighbors in the communities in which we live and operate:

  • We will be good citizens, protect the environment and conserve natural resources.
  • We will seek to cooperate with government at all levels and strive to be sensitive, open and candid in all our public statements.

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