Frequently Asked Questions:

Do You Perform All The Work Yourselves or Do You Use Subcontractors?

Well, the answer is it depends upon what the project’s scope of work is but generally speaking we perform all the trim carpentry in-house and hire out all other specialty trades. Our philosophy can be summed up “You don’t want your General Practioner physician performing your knee surgery, do you? You want a specialist.” In fact, some specialty trades such as electrical, plumbing etc work must be done by that licensed trade. A General Contractor or Project Managers job is to oversee the project and in the case of Paradigm Building & Remodeling provide carpentry interior finishing skills (i.e.painting, tilework) as needed. And even then in the interest of keeping a schedule moving, we will work with trade contractors that do the same things we do expedite things. Project Management is a trade skill in an of itself and we specialize in that as well as carpentry and interior finishing.

And given the steadily increasing complexity of construction today, I don’t think its possible for any single GC to be proficient at all the trades — even if they keep to a very narrow range of projects such as kitchen remodels. Just knowing about all the new options that become available, much less also installing them, is daunting.

It’s also not practically feasible to carry the cost of overhead required for some trades such as excavation or plumbing unless it is a trade that you are performing every single day., We will Instead, we spend a lot of time finding the best trades available and we take this seriously as we consider them an extension of our company.

Will you be the lowest bidder?

Probably not. We encourage our clients to compare the level of service they are getting for the investment they are making. The level of service we provide before, during and after the project is what makes the difference and in the remodeling industry, low bidders have a long history of not staying in business very long. Therefore when you may need any warranty work done, your low bidder may no longer around to service or maintain the project they did for you years before. That leaves you to paying twice for something you thought you already paid for.

The industry is also rife with stories of contractors who were never able to finish the projects they started and that has a lot to with poor estimating practices or a lack of the fundamental understanding of what labor really costs.

Why do houses often go over budget?

Most of the time, houses go over budget due to inadequate research, poor planning, rough estimates, rushed bids, and unrealistic budget allowances. As a result, homeowners often pay more than they expected in upgrades and change orders during the construction of their home.

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