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An Interesting Unique Hidden Window Drawer

I saw this on FaceBook and first of all thought that it looked just like the windows on a project we did in New Caanan CT years ago but our window installations didn’t have this incredbly neat feature.

If you find this as fascinating and worthwhile and would like to see something like this hidden drawer in your home  Contact Us and tell us what you’re thinking.

Rules for Proportion | THISisCarpentry

Rules for Proportion

From the Greeks to the Golden Rectangle When it comes to rules of proportion, I never understood the whole picture. At least not until recently, not before spending the last three years studying the classical orders with Todd Murdock-one SketchUp rendition at a time.

Types of Stairs, Explained | Architectural Digest

It goes without saying that we’re big fan of stairs since Paradigm Building & Remodeling is also so of course, we find this little page by Architectural Digest explaining the different types of stairs both elegant and well done.

Types of Stairs, Explained | Architectural Digest

Seasoned remodelers know the deal: Making one design decision leads to what seems like a million other to-dos. (So you want tile in your kitchen? What color tile? What pattern? How much will you need?) It’s certainly true when it comes to your staircase.

TSO manufacturers some tools that make some other great tools even better!

TSO manufacturers some tools that make some other great tools even better!

Welcome to TSO Products

Best In Class tools and equipment.

Which can be purchased through…

Festool: Bob Marino Festool Store, Buy Festools USA Saws, Drills, Routers Online – Festool Sale

Certified Festool retailer. Online tool store selling circular saws, sanders, cordless drills, jigsaws and routers for the serious woodworking hobbyist.

A Look At Naikoon Contracting’s Conscientious On-Site Waste Management Methods

A good look at how Naikoon Contracting Ltd. up in Vancouver British Columbia approaches job site waste management and the sorting of demolition materials for recycling.  For our larger Unbuilding and De-Construction projects, we do the same thing with plywood boxed in areas for the differing categories of demolition and unbuilding materials. For smaller projects, it might just mean having several large prominently well labeled industrial garbage cans on site.

I am reminded of how years ago when Martha Stewart was moving from her longtime home in Westport CT to a large old farm estate at the top of the Girdle Ridge hill in Katonah NY while we didn’t work on her project it was walking distance from one we were doing at the time and was on my way to and from the project each day and for it size (several buildings) it was the cleanest most organized demolition storage site I had ever seen and might have been where I got my ideas and inspiration for even better organization of building demolition.

Naikoon shows the way to conscientious waste management on the job site – Canadian Contractor

September 28, 2017 by John Bleasby Not only does award-winning Vancouver contractor Naikoon Contracting pride itself on the energy efficiency of the homes they build, they’ve made a major commitment to being conscious of the environmental impact of the actual build itself. “Over the last few years we were realizing that site presentation was very important.

Some further reading from the Naikoon website blog and another article from Tools of the Trade I ran across the other day:

The Schluter-KERDI-TUBKIT for Waterproof Tile Tub Surrounds

If you have or want a ceramic bathtub with tile tub surround and you are wondering how we treat that situation to make it waterproof to prevent damaging leaks and mold growth due to moisture penetration we have long used Schluter-KERDI products to accomplish that goal and now Schluter-KERDI sells them combined in a specialized kit they call the Schluter-KERDI-TUBKIT.

You can read more about it here in this Canadian Contractor Magazine article or Contact Us for more information:

Tub surround upgrades made easier – Canadian Contractor

September 22, 2017 by Steve Payne Installing tile in a tub surround can quickly transform an otherwise ordinary bathroom into a luxurious retreat. It is a simple upgrade that will pay dividends for the homeowner. The process of waterproofing the tub surround before tile installation has just been made easier with the Schluter-KERDI-TUBKIT.

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