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How-To Like any traditional American gardener, I’ve paid homage to the gods of turfgrass around my house. I’ll admit that lawns provide a place to rest the eye and showcase mixed borders; they also create a sense of order and safety around the house. But turfgrass is boring-not to mention high maintenance.

Types of No-Mow Grass Alternatives – Lawn Care Blog | Lawn Love

Mowing can be a monster. It eats up your precious weekend, guzzles gasoline, and pollutes air and waterways. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), gas lawn mower emissions account for 5% of the country’s air pollution. With low-maintenance grass alternatives that require little or no mowing, you can enjoy more free time and a verdant, eco-friendly lawn.

More Sustainable (and Beautiful) Alternatives to a Grass Lawn

In a case of taking “the grass is always greener” a bit too literally, American homeowners have long strived to make their lawns brighter, lusher, and more velvety than their neighbors’. But all that competition has a devastating environmental impact.

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